Choose curtain should focus on your room style

When you are going to choose curtain, you can’t choose just according to your own favorite, you should choose it according to your true need. According to the actual situation to choose the window curtain, that is choose with local conditions. The best thermal curtains are a lot of people are like, but not all of the windows are suitable for the best thermal curtains.

If it is a horizontal window, this window is short and wide, this is the most classic windows, if not deep balconies or there is no radiator, it is best to select the floor curtains.

If it is convex curtain, there can be separate pieces of curtain fabric to form a floor to ceiling curtains, drapes and each requires a separate line only good on it, and then use the ongoing curtains, the individual curtains together into a whole can, of course, the curtains are relatively small, if a convex, or curved, can do with a whole renovation, the effect is good.

Leaf Embossed Modern Blackout

In selecting a two vice curtain time, every curtain on both sides can be individually pulled the window, so the best thermal blackout curtains have better decoration effect.